Food in New York City

Food in New York City can be daunting. New York is, after all, the culinary capitol of the East Coast and perhaps even the whole USA. With all the options, prices, and varying levels of quality it’s no wonder eating in New York can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be, however. When eating in New York you have to keep one thing in mind, what’s next?

Food in New York City is plentiful in all shapes and colors. You have everything from five star restaurants to McDonalds all over the city. However, if you want to eat like a true New Yorker, you should stay away from those places. Eating in New York should be an adventure. McDonalds is no place for food in New York City. If you really want to enjoy eating in New York, look for the most popular New York street vendor or New York food truck.

Real New Yorkers love their New York street vendors. Tourists think the New York street vendor unsanitary, but the truth is the New York street vendor is probably just as hygienic as your local Taco Bell and twice as delicious. New York street vendors sell everything from tacos to hot dogs. You can even find some of the best chick and lamb platters at a New York street vendor’s cart. And let us not forget the price New York street vendors charge. Why drop six dollars on a hamburger with fries when you can spend five on a plate of lamb, chicken, assorted vegetables and rice with hot and special sauces? The right New York street vendor will not only stuff you with delicious food, but he won’t charge much doing it.

But what about New York food trucks? Maybe you want a really good meal, a meal that would be far and away from a hamburger or hot dog. Give New York food trucks a try. New York food trucks have top quality food for reasonable prices. From hearty cheese steaks to buttered lobster, New York food trucks have the variety and quality to feed you. And New York food trucks aren’t just limited to specific cuisines either. You can find New York food trucks that serve gourmet French fries, tacos, dumplings and even Thai food. In fact, some argue that the best Thai noodles in New York come from New York food trucks. So when you are considering eating out in NYC, just remember that there aren’t just New York restaurants to visit. Give the New York food trucks and New York street vendors a chance; you won’t be disappointed.